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NRO Developmental Career Path

The NRO seeks college seniors, recently graduated or early career degree professionals to join NRO’s Developmental Program. This program is designed for those with a passion for their new profession, a drive for excellence, and those that are looking to share in NRO's core values. The program accelerates participants' professional and expertise competency development within NRO’s career paths and mission-critical assignments. NRO Developmental Program graduates have the expertise and mission foundation to proactively and continually make innovative contributions to NRO's future.

The developmental program provides a guided career pathway that typically takes 3-5 years to a full performance level set of duties. NRO Cadre employees in developmental positions may be promoted up to full performance upon meeting benchmarks and milestones established by NRO Career Field Managers (CFMs), and in accordance with career development program standards and guidance.

Check out the following NRO Career Fields for details where the Developmental Career Path positions are available:

  • Technical (STEM positions including Operations Research)
  • Contracts
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Mission Support (Human Resources)

The NRO is accepting applications from US Citizens and current Federal Government employees, at the GS/GG-07 and GS/GG-09 level, or equivalent, for this program. Apply now to join NRO for a rewarding career and become part of the exciting mission of ensuring our nation's security.