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Diversity & Inclusion

The NRO creates a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of individual differences.


Diversity & Inclusion

The NRO’s goal is to foster a working environment of equality and inclusion where:

  • Everyone gets treated with respect, dignity, and fairness;
  • Everyone is valued for his/her strengths; and
  • Leaders support and live equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resources Groups at NRO enable a work environment where there is equality of opportunity and an understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion in accomplishing the NRO mission. The groups active at NRO are:

  • African American Diversity Network (AADN)
  • Disability Network
  • Federal Women’s Program (FWP)
  • Khalfani (NRO Chapter of Blacks in Government)
  • LGBTA Inclusion for Everyone (LIFE)
  • NRO Asian Pacific American Network (NAPAN)
  • NRO Hispanic Advisory Network (NHAN)
  • NRO Native American Network (NNAN)

Office of Equality & Inclusion Programs

The NRO has been in the forefront of creating a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of individual differences. The Office of Equality & Inclusion’s mission is to lead this effort so every employee is valued for their differences and reach their full potential to help the NRO achieve mission success.

The P&CP is committed to providing efficient, fair, and impartial equal opportunity complaint processing and ensures that equal opportunity in employment is available for all persons. P&CP strives to ensure workplace culture represents the values of all employees and has actions in place to continuously ensure this is the case across all of the NRO.

The AHP strives to ensure the NRO workplace represents its core values and represents all employees. It covers harassment or discrimination on any of the federally protected bases, is available to all personnel to use, and is independent from the informal and formal complaint process, Ombudsman Program, and Grievance Process. All managers or supervisors who receive allegations of harassment or have reason to believe a form of harassment is occurring must take immediate and effective corrective measures to end the unwelcome behavior even if the individual does not wish to make a complaint.

The DoD MEO program offers an alternative means of redress from the chain of command for complaints within the EO purview of color, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and sex (including sexual identity). MEO maintains robust outreach, education, proactive, and preventative programs.

The DP strives for the broadest diversity in employment of individuals with disabilities and an equally inclusive work environment to support them, and ensures integration of accessibility principles and practices across the enterprise. The DP is the champion for enterprise accessibility, which promotes proactive support for the workforce from recruitment to retirement.

The AP process ensures all hiring, assignment, and reassignment actions do not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations.

The IP cultivates an inclusive work culture and creating an environment that reflects and capitalizes on the rich diversity of the workforce. The IP works to foster collaboration, flexibility, and fairness and leverages diversity throughout the Enterprise.

  • Policy & Compliance Program (P&CP)
  • Anti-Harassment Program (AHP)
  • Military Equal Opportunity (MEO)
  • Disability Program (DP)
  • Accommodations Program (AP)
  • Inclusion Program (IP)