Declassified Records

Index, Declassified GAMBIT

ID Description PDF
1 Analysis of GAMBIT (110) Project View
2 Analysis of Program 206 (GAMBIT), Summary View
3 Compliments Letter on KH-8 View
4 Eastman Kodak Blanket Proposal View
5 GAMBIT Control-Payload Adapter Section View
6 GAMBIT on Launch Pad Picture View
7 GAMBIT Operational Modes View
8 GAMBIT Payload Adapter Section View
9 GAMBIT Photographic Payload Section Diagram and Description View
10 GAMBIT Photographic Payload Section photo View
11 GAMBIT RV Picture View
12 GAMBIT Satellite Control Section View
13 GAMBIT Vehicle Buildup View
14 GAMBIT, HEXAGON Study, Capsules Launched-Recovered View
15 KH-7 Camera System, Part 1 View
16 KH-8B Camera System View
17 Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. - Factors Contributing to Program Success View
18 Long Range Requirements for Satellites View
19 Notes from Meeting to Re-Orient Program 206 View
20 Outline Development Plan- Project CUE BALL View
21 Preliminary Schedules- BLANKET and SUNSET STRIP View
22 Project Management Plan, Project GAMBIT-3 View
23 Report of a Special Panel on Satellite Reconnaissance View
24 Report to President-Elect of Ad Hoc Committee on Space View
25 Space Recovery Responsibility - Memo for Vice Chief of Staff, USAF View
26 System Performance- Launch Vehicle View
27 UPWARD Redirection of the MSS Development View
28 USAF Program Authorization (CUE BALL) View

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