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Electro-Optical Commercial Layer (EOCL) Request for Proposal (RFP)

On Nov. 3, NRO released the EOCL RFP. This moves the agency closer to delivering the next generation of commercial imagery to meet the intelligence, defense, and federal civil agency user communities’ mission needs. The NRO’s Commercial Systems Program Office worked with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to gather and finalize user requirements from across the community. This process determines the scope of the eventual EOCL contracts, and ensures that community needs are clearly understood and prioritized.

The EOCL has broad levels of shareability and user-friendly license conditions to ensure NRO’s diverse community has greater access to commercial imagery. The NRO, in coordination with NGA, developed a common family of licenses that will facilitate a standardized, automated approach to imagery dissemination and sharing.

NRO intends to award multiple contracts in early 2022.

Click here to read the full press release.

The EOCL RFP is available at the NRO’s Acquisition Center of Excellence, Acquisition Research Center (ARC)

Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Strategic Enhancements

On Oct. 7 at the GEOINT Symposium, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) announced a new acquisition-the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Framework for Strategic Commercial Enhancements-which will focus on new and emerging phenomenologies, such as commercial radar, hyperspectral imagery, radio frequency remote sensing, etc., as well as emerging and evolving electrooptical capabilities. Today, Oct. 12, the NRO released the BAA Framework and the first Focus Area. The first Focus Area, commercial radar capabilities, is open to U.S. domestic industry, as well as to foreignowned U.S. companies. The BAA Framework and first Focus Area can be found at NRO's Acquisition Center of Excellence, Acquisition Research Center (ARC)

Click here to read the official BAA press release

Click here to read DNRO Dr. Scolese's Keynote Presentation at the 2021 GEOINT Symposium

Contracting Opportunities

Learn about contracting opportunities with the NRO by visiting the Acquisition Research Center website.

The Acquisition Research Center (ARC) is a website operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Acquisition Center of Excellence (ACE) that is used by the Intelligence Community (IC) to support e-commerce with Industry. It provides a unique ability for procurement officials to participate in the communication exchanges that are controlled to protect the source selection sensitive information and proprietary equities of the participants, and features specialized services and capabilities critical to the successful acquisition of goods and services for the IC and other Government activities. The ARC is available in both a classified and unclassified format to support a wide range of source selection activities

Director's Innovation Initiative

The Director’s Innovation ion Initiative (DII) invests across the U.S. in cutting edge technologies and high payoff concepts relevant to the NRO’s mission of overhead ISR for National Security.


  • Allows for continuous access to revolutionary concepts and ideas
  • Provides access to non-traditional developers of NRO technology and broadens the developer base
  • Establishes risk tolerant environment for conducting potentially high payoff projects

Each year the program solicits proposals by releasing a Broad Agency Announcement and Government Sources Sought Announcement to solicit proposals that

  • Improve existing NRO capabilities
  • Adapt existing techniques and technologies to its mission
  • Develop entirely new technologies, processes, or tools to meet NRO needs

NRO looks for proposals from U. S. domestic education institutions, government agencies, non-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and private industry. The period of performance for successful DII proposals is generally nine months and carry a maximum award value of $500,000.

Past areas of interest included Remote Sensing, Apertures, Communications, Systems Design, Sense-Making, and Other Disruptive Concepts and Technologies. Please see the below link for the DII and other ways of doing business with the NRO.

Acquisition Center of Excellence, Acquisition Research Center (ARC)

Architecture After Next (AAN)


The Architecture After Next (AAN) Program is an Open Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), built using the FY21-22 AS&T BAA Framework - Architecture After Next, consisting of multiple broad areas of interest providing traditional and non-traditional developers an opportunity to participate in building the NRO of the 21st century by presenting innovative idea. Innovative ideas can be submitted through 30 September 2022. The period performance is not to exceed 12 months. Visit the Acquisition Research Center for more information.

Tactical Defense Space Reconnaissance Program

The Tactical Defense Space Reconnaissance (TacDSR) Program expeditiously develops, matures, and integrates technologies that enhance the access, content and timeliness of NRO Overhead Systems data products and services for the Warfighter. The program accomplishes this objective by pursuing highly selective, short duration, high pay-off Research and Development activities, funding about 30 such projects each year.

TacDSR Deactivation FAQs

Request an NRO Speaker

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