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These PDF files are password protected for enhanced security. When you have completed a PDF course, you can enter your own completion for credit when you return to the office. Read the Mandatory Training Completion Job Aid, below, for more information.

Please note: These are some of the current mandatory training requirements that have been converted to unclassified so people who are at home may take them, as applicable. Please check to see if you've already taken the class. Employees who are in the office can still take the courses at work. We are working to make more unclass training available to those teleworking.

No Fear Anti-Harassment Mandatory Briefing

Records Information Mandatory Briefing

Classification Management for Derivative Classifiers Mandatory Briefing

Privacy and Civil Liberties Mandatory Briefing

Management Control Program Mandatory Briefing

EO12333 - Intelligence Oversight Mandatory Briefing

"How to Have a Crucial Conversation"

Training Guide - NRO Training Options - Nov 2020

Mandatory Training Completion Job Aid