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The first dedicated launch out of NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, in partnership with NASA Wallops, Northrop Grumman, Virginia Space and the U.S. Space Force Space and Missile System Center.

Fact Sheets

Greenlighting Program

This program represents the NRO's commitment to partnering with commercial industry to ensure the agency gains the latest technological innovations the commercial industry has to offer.

Impact Program

This program is a research and development effort using CubeSats to provide early evaluation of new technologies in space.

Cube Satellites

The agency is committed to innovative, mission-driven acquisitions that ensure its space systems—from large to small— continue delivering invaluable intelligence for the nation. CubeSats, a class of research spacecraft called nanosatellites, are uniquely qualified to support this goal by providing more frequent on-orbit opportunities to demonstrate, apply, and mature technologies—rapidly and at relatively low cost and low risk—that help our nation’s leaders stay ahead of emerging threats.