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Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Clause 52.203-13, Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, requires contractors to notify the Government in writing whenever the contractor has credible evidence that a violation of the Civil False Claims Act or other Federal law has occurred in connection with the award or performance of Federal contracts or subcontracts over $5 million. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Acquisition Manual (NAM) Clause N52.203-001, NRO Inspector General and the NRO Hotline, requires contractors to report to the NRO Office of the Inspector General (OIG) any and all possible violations of Federal law or illegal intelligence activities by individuals charging directly or indirectly to NRO contracts or subcontracts over $100,000.

The notification requirements of the NAM Clause extend beyond those of the FAR Clause. Accordingly, when both clauses are included in an NRO contract, satisfying the notification requirements of the NAM Clause will also satisfy the reporting requirements under the FAR.

NRO contractors must notify the OIG in writing whenever there is any possible violation of Federal law or illegal intelligence activities related to the award, administration, performance, or closeout of an NRO contract or subcontract by individuals charging directly or indirectly to the NRO contract.

Notification can be submitted by mail, electronic mail, facsimile.  Timely notification is essential; if all required information cannot be collected within ten days from the date when the decision to notify is made, the contractor should submit a partial report and provide the remaining information when available. The OIG will contact the individual listed as the contractor point of contact by phone within ten working days after notification to discuss the disclosure.

When formal notification is not required by the NAM Clause, contractors may report other issues by calling the OIG Hotline: (703) 808-1644 (U), Denver (303) 677-6226 (U), Los Angeles (310) 416-7428 (U), or by visiting the OIG Hotlink on the NRO Contractor Wide Area Network.

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NRO OIG can reached at NRO_OIG@NRO.MIL.

Please contact the NRO OIG at (703) 808-1644, if you have any questions.