Office of Inspector General

OIG Audit Staff

The OIG Audit Staff conducts financial and performance audits of NRO programs and provides actionable recommendations that are designed to improve NRO programs and activities. Audits focus on detecting fraud, waste, and mismanagement; improving economy efficiency, and effectiveness; ensuring that laws and regulations are followed; and promoting effective management controls. To best meet the strategic objectives of the NRO, the Audit Staff is subdivided into three distinct groups — Acquisition, Financial Management, and Information Technology — with teams in Chantilly, Virginia and Denver, Colorado.

OIG Inspection Staff

The Inspection Staff conducts focused and objective evaluations of a unit’s policies, programs, and activities. Inspections are conducted for the purposes of providing timely information to managers for decision-making; monitoring compliance; measuring performance; assessing efficiency and effectiveness; making value-added recommendations for improvements to programs, policies, or procedures; and sharing best practices. Inspections are conducted in accordance with the Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation issued by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.

OIG Investigation Staff

The Investigation Staff conducts inquiries into potential violations of federal criminal law on the part of NRO personnel, contractors, or others acting on behalf of the NRO when such violations involve NRO funds, property, operations, or activities. The investigations staff receives complaints via the OIG Hotlink, walk-ins, and referrals from law enforcement agencies, NRO offices, and contractors; maintains an active partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Department of Justice, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, and the ethics and compliance offices of NRO Contractors; and engages in proactive measures to detect and prevent contract fraud via our Procurement Fraud Initiative.

OIG Special Projects Staff

The Special Projects Staff is responsible for the development and execution of quick turnaround projects and ad hoc requests that arise during the year that are outside of the annual planning cycles. These projects generally don’t fit within the realm of a traditional audit or inspection and may leverage the skillsets of multiple OIG functions. The Special Projects Staff also includes the data analytics effort. This effort identifies, accumulates and analyzes information to identify trends, risk, and areas of potential fraud, waste and mismanagement at the NRO. The information assists the OIG in conducting current projects, identifying potential areas for further analysis, and provides a foundation for a continuous risk assessment.