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Doing Business With the NRO

Contracting Opportunities

The Office of Contracts seeks to advance overhead intelligence with responsive business solutions.

Those who seek to do business with the NRO should know that the names of employees are protected under Exemption (b) (3) of the FOIA, which provides for the withholding of information specifically protected from disclosure by statute. The specific statute applicable in this case is Title 10, United States Code §424, which states: "Except as required by the President or as provided in subsection (c), no provision of law shall be construed to require the disclosure of .... (2) the number of persons employed by or assigned or detailed to any such organization or the name, official title, occupational series, grade, or salary of any such person .... (b) Covered Organizations...National Reconnaissance Office."

Companies interested in doing business with the NRO may write to:

National Reconnaissance Office
Office of Contracts
14675 Lee Road
Chantilly, VA 20151-1715


Learn more about how to do business with the NRO with Starting a Business Relationship with the National Reconnaissance Office and by registering for the Acquisition Center of Excellence's (ACE) Overview Briefing on the Acquisition Research Center (ARC) website at https://acq.westfields.net.