News | Aug. 20, 2021

Schreiner takes command of ADF Colorado

By Staff

AURORA, Co – Aerospace Data Facility Colorado (ADF-C) welcomed new leadership during the Assumption of Command Ceremony held at ADF-C on 12 August 2021.

Director of National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Mission Operations Directorate (MOD), Mr. T.J. Lincoln presided over the ceremony virtually from NRO headquarters, which transferred ADF-C authority and responsibility to Col. Robert J. Schreiner.

As the Director of MOD for the NRO, Mr. Lincoln’s responsibilities include assuring national space systems operations, guidance, support and coordination between the NRO, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Defense.

“Being the Commander of this facility is no small task. This site never sleeps, it’s alive and churning 24/7 and this facility has a strong 50-year history that is being celebrated this year. I am confident Col. Schreiner will take the lead in continuing the mission of the ADF-C, for the NRO, our mission partners, and for our decision makers,” said Mr. Lincoln.

Before proceeding with the ceremony, Mr. Lincoln took a moment to recognize the accomplishments and leadership of outgoing commander, Col. Jacob Middleton, who was unable to attend the ceremony due to mission requirements from his new role supporting the Chief of Space Operations, Gen. John Raymond. Col. Middleton served as commander of ADF-C from August 2019 to August of 2021.

After assuming command, Col. Schreiner thanked all responsible for the planning of the event and those who took time out of their day to show their support. “I am extremely excited and humbled, to be entrusted with leading such a historic and renowned organization. I look forward to collaborating with our site and installation mission partners to ensure the continued success of our missions,” said Col. Schreiner.

Col. Schreiner most recently served as the NRO Senior Field Representative to U.S. Space Command, and Director of Space Forces, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, Southwest Asia.

As the ADF-Commander, Col. Schreiner is responsible for leading over 4000 members of a joint agency and multi-mission intelligence operations center that conducts collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of vital intelligence information to the U.S. Government and its allies.