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Episode 5: Sitting Down with Dr. Eleanor Silverman, NRO Enterprise Capabilities Architect

Featured in this Podcast: NRO Enterprise Capabilities Architect Dr. Eleanor Silverman; NRO Public Affairs Officer Victoria Stonesifer

Episode 4: Sitting Down with Alex Kordell on the Director's Innovation Initiative

Featured in the Podcast: Alex Kordell, DII Program Manager; April Smith, NRO Office of Public Affairs

Episode 3: Sitting Down with NRO pioneer Sam Araki

Featured in this Podcast: NRO Asian Pacific American Network member Sam Mackin, NRO Pioneer and former President of Lockheed Missiles and Space Sam Araki

Episode 2: Sitting Down with the DNI and NRO Director for NROL-82 Launch

Featured in this Podcast: National Reconnaissance Office Director Dr. Chris Scolese, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Office of Public Affairs Director Maura Beard

Episode 1: Sitting Down with Dr. Susan Durham During Women's History Month

Featured in this podcast: Director AS&T Dr. Susan Durham, NRO Public Affairs Officer April Smith

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NRO's Aaron Weiner on How AI is Driving intelligence Missions Forward

Microelectronics underpin a myriad of technologies from household appliances to some of the most advanced military weapons systems. As the United States ramps up its investment in domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing, public sector leaders anticipate major advancements.

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Target USA Episode 296: The National Reconnaissance Office Turns 60

When the United States needs eyes and ears in critical places where no human can reach - be it over the most rugged terrain or through the most hostile territory - it turns to the National Reconnaissance Office. Director, Dr. Chris Scolese joins us to breakdown what they do.

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Aerospace Insider Episode 1: Working at NRO

Members of NRO’s workforce cadre give us a rare behind-the-scenes account of what it’s like to work at the secretive agency that acquires and operates U.S. imaging and signals intelligence satellites. Hear about their motivations, career paths and why they wouldn’t choose to work anywhere else.

Featured in this Podcast: Aerospace America Editor-in-Chief Ben Iannotta, NRO Technical Career Field Program Manager Billy Caldwell, NRO Chief of Staff Communications Directorate Jessenia Merced-Gonzalez, NRO General Engineer and Program Manager for Research & Development Johnathon Martin, Acquisition Program Manager Matthew Plylypciw.

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SpyCast Episode 400: Spy Satellites, Outer Space & the NRO - “Beyond the Kármán Line”

Spy satellites are fascinating! Man-made objects up there – sometimes way up there – looking down to see what other humans are up to.

I believe it’s called a God’s eye view. You may not be as unfamiliar with satellites as you think: for starters, you’re on one! The earth is a satellite of the sun, the moon is a satellite of the earth, you are a satellite of…historian Dr. James Outzen sat down with Andrew to talk about artificial – i.e., man-made – satellites as part of a conversation marking the 60th anniversary of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

Featured in this Podcast: International Spy Museum Chief Curator Dr. Andrew Hammond, Director of the NRO’s Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance Dr. James Outzen.

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