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Office of Equality and Inclusion

Office of Equality and Inclusion is committed to creating a workplace where every employee is valued for their different skills and backgrounds and empowered to reach their full potential. Click here to see our OE&I resources.

Office of The Ombuds

The Ombuds is a resource for independent, neutral conflict resolution in an informal and confidential setting. The Ombuds provides a forum to help address individual and systemic organizational concerns. Government civilian, military, contract employees and external consumers of NRO products, programs, and services may bring issues to the Ombuds, including the mission, organization, policies, programs, practices, and systemic issues confronting the NRO.

You can contact the NRO Office of the Ombuds at or on the hotline at 703.808.1322.

Click here to see the Office of the Ombuds brochure.

Contact NRO

  • Visitor Center: 703.808.0400
  • NRO Identity Credential Office: 703.808.6426
  • Clearance Office: 703.808.6272
  • Webmaster: Contact Us

Employment Verification

NRO does not provide over-the-phone employment verifications. Organizations seeking employment verification should use MYBIZ+ through their home agency.

Speaker Request

Do you want to invite a speaker to your event? Fill out the NRO Speaker Request Form.

NRO Center for Advancing Science, Technology, Learning, and Engagement (CASTLE)

The CASTLE is a collaboration with NRO’s Advanced Systems and Technology directorate, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and their partnership intermediary, the Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation. For more information about the CASTLE, contact us here.


The history of the NRO is a story of how opportunity, necessity, and determination converged to produce an intelligence organization unlike any that had come before.

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