Contact Information for Submitting a Privacy Question or Complaint

If you have a privacy question or complaint, please submit your response to the address below and include the following information:

Full Name
Contact Information: Complete mailing address, phone number, and email address
Description of the privacy question or complaint

Send to:

National Reconnaissance Office Privacy and Civil Liberties Program
14675 Lee Road
Chantilly, VA 20151-1715

NRO Privacy and Civil liberties program

The NRO Privacy and Civil Liberties Program (PCLP) has an obligation to protect the legal rights for its employees and the American people, to include civil liberties and privacy rights granted by Federal law. The NRO PCLP works with other IC, DoD, and Federal agencies, as well as other NRO leaders, to ensure the protection of privacy and civil liberties.


The program also engages in pertinent discussions with experts in privacy and civil liberties groups, the public and additional organizations to provide individuals with a holistic and comprehensive approach when assessing an individual's concerns. The NRO PCLP works to ensure the organization's approaches encompass the best privacy and civil liberties practices from both government and industry, adapting to meet unique mission needs when necessary. The program also ensures that privacy and civil liberties are integrated into the day-to-day activities of the organization's workforce, mission, and culture.

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