Enabling the mission

Our mission partners and customers analyze and distribute NRO collections used by warfighters and decision makers in times of peace and war.

Mission partners

One of 18 agencies in the Intelligence Community, NRO develops, acquires, launches, and operates innovative space-based surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Our mission partners fuse data from NRO systems to assist in U.S. and partner military and civil support.


    U.S. Intelligence Community (IC)

    NRO’s IC partners analyze and interpret the overhead data and imagery that protects our nation


    U.S. Department of Defense

    Our on- and off-site military members use NRO collections to support warfighters and inform policy makers


    International partners

    NRO works with America’s allies to share resources and information to keep the world safe

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Commercial partners

NRO is committed to acquiring unclassified commercial imagery and integrating these sources within our user community.

Military and warfighters

Overhead intelligence can provide a decisive advantage over our adversaries

Civil authorities

NRO's capabilities can help to identify natural disasters that can be used to best direct assistance

Policy makers

Reconnaissance imagery and data provide the ultimate ground truth to help inform decision makers


Through innovation, collaboration, and understanding customer needs and requirements, NRO is meeting complex intelligence collection challenges and is poised to fulfill future challenges to achieve its mission.


Possibilities are Endless

For more than 60 years, the NRO has leveraged innovation and strategic partnerships to develop, acquire, launch, and operate America's spy satellites.

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