We see from the perspective of stars

NRO systems address the nation's toughest intelligence challenges, providing information and perspectives unavailable from other sources. Millions of people depend on vital intelligence that NRO capabilities deliver every day.

NRO's most important asset is our people

Dr. Chris Scolese NRO Director


The world leader in space

NRO develops, acquires, launches, and operates space-based assets and ground systems to see, hear, and sense threats around the world in real time.


NRO's motto "Supra et Ultra," meaning Above and Beyond, reflects our mission to use our exquisite capabilities to secure and expand U.S. intelligence; to see, hear, and sense all around us; all in alignment with our values of operating with personal integrity and accountability, mission excellence, and teamwork.

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Our Leadership

Meet our Director, Deputy Director, Principal Deputy Director, and Senior Enlisted Leader, collectively referred to as our "Top Four."

Meet our Leadership

We make intelligence possible

NRO succeeds because of the skills and dedication of our talented workforce. Here's where we come from.

31% NRO Cadre (DoD Civilian). 34% Government (CIA, DCAA, DCMA, DIA, FBI, NASA, NGA, ODNI, USDI) 35% Military (Air Force ~9%, Army 1%, Navy 5%, Space Force ~27%, USCG <1%).

Mission Partners

NRO works across intelligence organizations, the Department of Defense, and with foreign partners to keep America and our allies aware, informed, and safe.

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Our locations

Buckley SFB, Colorado. Schriever SFB, Colorado. Vandenberg SFB, California. Los Angeles, California. White Sands missile Range, New Mexico. Fort Belvoir, Virginia. NRO HQ, Chantilly, Virginia. Cap Canaveral SFS, Florida. RAF Menwith hill, United Kingdom. Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Australia.

A Declassified History

The history of NRO is a story of how opportunity, necessity, and determination converged to produce an intelligence organization unlike any that had come before.

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National Reconnaissance Office - Above and Beyond