NEWS | April 18, 2023

DNRO provides keynote address at Space Symposium

By Staff


Today DNRO Dr. Scolese gave a keynote address at the 38th annual Space Symposium. In his speech, Scolese stated that “the future is now,” highlighting innovation, streamlined acquisition approaches, partnerships, and advancement of new and enhanced capabilities for the nation’s overhead ISR architecture..

“At the NRO, we’re advancing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance beyond what was thought possible,” he said to an audience of approximately 10,000 space professionals and decision makers at the unclassified portion of the event. “We’re putting new capabilities on orbit, on the ground, and everywhere in between.”

Click here, to read the remarks Dr. Scolese delivered at the conference where he discussed the NRO’s intent to quadruple the number of satellites currently on orbit, deliver ten times the amount of signals, and future engage with commercial providers.

While at the symposium, Scolese also participated in a classified fireside chat with Audrey Schaffer, director of space policy at the National Security Council, and NGA Deputy Director Tonya Wilkerson. The discussion was moderated by retired USAF Gen. John Hyten, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Dr. Scolese is also joining Gen. James Dickinson of U.S. Space Command in a press conference to talk about NRO’s work.

“What was a vision ofr our agency just a few years ago is in view,” Scolese said. “The future is now. I am confident that the NRO, our people, and our partners are all committed not just to keep pace, but to accelerate our advantage in space. The safety and security of the world—and our nation—are counting on it.”