News | May 24, 2021

NRO Director addresses HASC Subcommittee on Strategic Forces

By Staff

On May 24, Dr. Scolese addressed the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Subcommittee on Strategic Forces at its FY22 Priorities for National Security Space Program Hearing.

Dr. Scolese highlighted the accomplishments the NRO had met in the past year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the innovation and vision for the future as the NRO reflects on its 60th anniversary, the emerging threats from adversaries, as well as the partnerships the NRO is forging to ensure the U.S. remains space dominant.

To view the Statement for the Record, please click here. For more information, visit NRO’s social media pages on Facebook (@NationalReconnaissanceOffice) and Instagram/Twitter (@NatReconOfc).

To view the full hearing, click here.