News | July 21, 2021

Washington Space Business Roundtable hosts Dr. Scolese

By Staff

Director Scolese was the keynote speaker at the virtual Washington Space Business Roundtable (WSBR) monthly luncheon program July 20. He discussed the need for the NRO to improve resiliency by continuing to leverage commercial industries and continuing the evolution of the acquisition process.

“Commercial systems are a part of our current architecture and are a more important part of our future architecture,” stated Director Scolese when asked about the NRO’s use of commercial vehicles. He discussed the strength and value that commercial is providing to the NRO and to the space industry.

In addition to the commercial opportunities, the NRO also relies on its partners and its workforce. “With the radar area, we’re working very closely [with USSF] to make sure that what we’re doing is complementary,” Scolese mentioned, “we coordinate very carefully to make sure that we’re not duplicating efforts, but clearly as you get into the mission area, you want to make sure that there isn’t duplication, or, if there is, it’s complementary, or for a reason.” Director Scolese attributed the success of last year’s launches to the dedication of the workforce and the NRO’s ability to be resilient under stress.

Founded in 1985, WSBR is a leadership forum that promotes the open exchange of ideas and information within the commercial space business and provides education in the National Capital area. WSBR currently has more than 1,000 members representing 150 companies and organizations.

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