Press Release | June 13, 2023

OSL change of leadership ceremony

(U) OSL welcomes Col. Z in change of leadership ceremony

By Staff

On June 8, Col. Eric Zarybnisky assumed leadership of the NRO Office of Space Launch from Col. Chad Davis, who relinquished his role prior to his military retirement. Maj. Gen. Povak oversaw the change of leadership ceremony in the J.D. Hill Auditorium with family, friends, colleagues, and previous OSL leaders.

Col. Zarybnisky, generally referred to as Col. Z, has held several roles at NRO dating back to 2005 and has served at Westfields since 2018. His first role at NRO HQ was as SIGINT Satellites Program Manager. He then served as division chief for Space System Acquisitions and Launch and most recently as Low Earth Orbit System program manager. He has earned numerous awards, including the NRO Director's Circle Award in 2012 and the NRO's Medal of
Superior Performance in 2015.

"The Office of Space Launch is one of the critical leadership positions in our
organization. Today we are recognizing two titans of the NRO:' said Maj. Gen. Povak. "Although each part of our mission is vital, launch is arguably the most precise and exciting portion of our development cycle."

Col. Davis served in the U.S. Air Force and Spaces Force for a combined 28 years. During his four years as D/OSL, he directed 12 missions across three continents and aboard seven different rockets.

"In my time here the Office of Space Launch did things that have never been done before," said Davis. "Not just on the operational side. On the acquisitions side, on the infrastructure side, and on the making NRO successful side."

Following the official passing of the guidon, Col. Zarybnisky addressed the audience.

"To the men and women of OSL, thank you," he said. "This is an amazing opportunity to stand before you as the commander and charge to lead this organization into game-changing revolutionary times."

Col. Z described accepting the leadership position after Col. Davis as akin to standing on the shoulder of giants.

"The last few years has been revolutionary," said Davis. "I was so incredibly impressed, humbled, and honored to be by your side while you did that."