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Phone: 703-808-5050 (Open during normal business hours)

Fax: 703-808-1171 (Please include a phone number where we may call you)

General Email:

Please e-mail the Office of Public Affairs for general communication topics.

If you need to contact the NRO with an issue related to the Inspector General, Freedom of Information Act requests, or doing business with the NRO, please see "Additional Contacts" below.

Press/ News media: Reporters on deadline, please contact Provide your name, organization, phone number, email address, questions and/or topics of interest and deadline.

Additional Contacts:

Inspector General
FOIA and Privacy
Doing Business With the NRO
Reporting Foreign Government Employment After Departing the NRO
NRO Center for Study of National Reconnaissance

Employment Verification:

Employment verification is provided by the employee’s home agency. Organizations seeking employment verification should have their customer contact their human resources office for specific guidance.

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