Disadvantaged Business Outreach Program

NRO recognizes the value and importance of small business and non-traditional companies participation in bidding for NRO contracts as a source of innovation, competitive pricing, and customer-focused support. The Disadvantaged Business Outreach (DBO) program, although not a "set-aside" program, focuses on outreach and provides training to address identified obstacles.

DBO's outreach and engagement events target the improvement of partnerships with socially and economically disadvantaged businesses and minority-serving academic institutions. The DBO program will develop specialized training addressing barriers of entry to enhance knowledge for bidding on NRO contracts related to space, science and intelligence activities.


DBO seeks to enhance partnerships with socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, minority-serving educational institutions, and non-traditional companies who want to do business with NRO



DBO focuses on outreach, engagement, and training to help disadvantaged businesses understand and navigate processes to bid competitively on NRO contracts

For More information or to be added to NRO's DBO database, please e-mail: NRO-DBO@nro.mil