News | Sept. 23, 2021

NRO Celebrates 60 years

By Staff

The NRO celebrated its 60th anniversary on Monday, Sept. 6. Throughout the year, the NRO has been highlighting declassified artifacts and historical events on social media and has been using 60th anniversary branding around its facilities and presentations. On the anniversary, the Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance (CSNR) sat down with “The Dish” to reflect back on 60 historic years in the podcasts eighth episode. Listen to all episodes of “The Dish” here.

On Sept. 23, CSNR hosted a virtual Around the World Toast for the NRO workforce to celebrate this historic milestone. This event included congratulatory messages from our partners and the reveal of the NRO Signature Panels. These panels include handwritten congratulations from the current workforce and recent VIPs during their visits to the NRO.

18 members of the NRO Art Committee launched a new exhibit in celebration of the anniversary. This exhibit features art displays that celebrate the history of the NRO. One artist created eight detailed, original comic book pages that describe the very early history of the U.S. and NRO getting into the "space race" and the launching of NRO's first reconnaissance satellite. Another artist, featured many of the photographs they took of NRO vehicles, launches and the people who make the launches happen.

In addition to the festivities across the workforce, NRO’s Information Review and Release Group, Information Management Services Office has declassified and released several records in support of the NRO’s 60th anniversary. This wide assortment of documents codified a piece of NRO’s storied history in space-based information dominance and paved the way for today’s capabilities. The records released can be found at the links below:

To review more historical documents from the NRO, visit the Historically Significant Documents page and the CSNR History and Studies page.